What an amazing year 2015 has been. Thank you [and hiatus]

2015 has been an amazing for the blogger and open access enthusiast in me. Thank you all for your over 160,000 visits to the blog, over 4,000 SSRN downloads, all comments and engagements. Thanks also to Dr Pedro Telles for our 6-month long procurement tennis, which represented our first incursion into endurance blogging (more on that project in the new year, thanks to the support of the Society of Legal Scholars).

It has also been quite an intense year for the academic in me, including the move from Leicester to Bristol, as well as the appointment to the European Commission's Stakeholder Expert Group on Public Procurement

Quite frankly, after all this and the work required to cover all these fronts, I need a bit of a break. First, to relax. And later to catch up with some projects that need some attention. 

Thus, the blog is going on hiatus until February 2016. I hope you will have some excellent holidays and a happy new year in the meantime.