Revocation, amendments, savings, transitional provisions and temporary exceptions under regs.115 to 122 Public Contracts Regulations 2015

Regs.115 to 122 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (PCR2015) contain rules on revocation, amendments, savings, transitional provisions and temporary exceptions. These rules are intended to maintain the effects of procurements carried out under pre-2015 rules and to establish the delayed entry into force of the 2015 rules in certain areas (Pedro has a similar view).

Reg.116 revokes the 2006 Public Contracts Regulations (PCR2006) and provides that the consequential and miscellaneous amendments set out in Schedule 6 PCR2015 have effect. Given the difference in scope of coverage of concession contracts between the PCR2006 and the PCR2015, reg.117 PCR2015 establishes a general saving in respect of certain concession contracts and determines that nothing in the PCR2015 affects public works or services concession contracts within the meaning of the PCR2006, or procedures for the award of such contracts. 

Reg.118 establishes a general transitional provision and saving where procurement procedures commenced before 26th February 2015, and reg.119 PCR2015 establishes an equivalent transitional provision and saving where utilities procurement procedure commenced before 26th February 2015.

On its part, and as mentioned in relation to regs.77 and 113 PCR2015, reg.12o PCR2015 establishes a temporary exemption and saving for certain NHS procurements, whereby nothing in the PCR2015 affects (a) any contract award procedure that relates to the procurement of health care services for the purposes of the NHS within the meaning and scope of the National Health Service (Procurement, Patient Choice and Competition) (No. 2) Regulations 2013, and is commenced before 18th April 2016; or (b) any contract awarded as a result of such a procedure.

Reg.121 PCR2015 establishes a delayed entry into force of certain obligations concerning eProcurement and the use of electronic means of communication. During such transitory period prior to the full commencement of reg.22(1) to (7) PCR2015--ie, the period between 26th February 2015 and 17th October 2018--contracting authorities may choose between the following means of communication: electronic means in accordance with reg.22 PCR2015; post or other suitable carrier; fax; or a combination of those means. That choice is available for all communication and information exchange in respect of which both the following criteria are met: (a)the use of electronic means would, in accordance with reg.22(1) to (5), have been required if those provisions had been in force; and (b) the use of electronic means is not required by any other provision of the PCR2015 that is in force.

Finally, reg.122 PCR2015 establishes special rules concerning compliance with reg.113 PCR2015 whereby, in relation to any financial year ending before 1st April 2016, a contracting authority may comply with reg.113(7) as if sub-paragraph (b) referred to the total amount of interest actually paid instead of the total amount of liability accrued.