Public procurement podcast series now launched

Dr Pedro Telles (Swansea University) has now launched the Public Procurement Podcast (PPP), a series of 20 podcasts where he will be interviewing early career researchers in public procurement over the course of the next 12 months. As he puts it, the PPP (funny acronym, talking about procurement) 'is a new and different way of disseminating knowledge related with public procurement. The PPP aims to provide a platform for Early Career Academics to talk about key topics of their research in a way and tone approachable to lay people'.

The PPP is part of a wider project kindly sponsored by the British Academy Rising Star Engagement Awards which will include an Early Career Academic Day during the next Procurement Week conference to be held in March 2016.

Overall, his project aims to give some voice and space to the "new blood" in public procurement and is bound to be a major contribution to the dissemination of very interesting research in the field. The website he has put together looks really good.

His only questionable decision in this project was to invite me for the first podcast, although I am flattered to be considered "young blood". Now seriously, I am really honored to participate in the PPP project and happy with the result of the interview, which is now available here. I think I managed to bomb the end of the recording, though... Listen for yourselves!